Seeds of Giving Society

Donors who are members of our Seeds of Growth Giving Society give $250 or more to GROW. Members receive special invites to GROW events, recognition in our annual report and website, a tour of our office, and a small token of our appreciation during the year.

There are several opportunities to be involved and help us train, counsel and help entrepreneurs with the tools they need to start or grow their business. This includes areas of business planning, strategy, financial awareness, counseling, mentorship, marketing, PR and so much more.

How can you help? Consider being a member of our Seeds of Giving Society

  • Creator $10,000: trains 40 women a year ($834/mo)
  • Protector $5,000: trains 20 women a year ($417/mo)
  • Grower $2,500: trains 10 women a year ($209/mo)
  • Nurturer $1,500: trains 6 women a year ($125/mo)
  • Planter $500: trains two women a year ($42/mo)
  • Seed $250: trains one woman a year ($21/mo)

If you’d like to give or learn more about being a Seeds of Giving Society, you can donate now or contact our CEO directly, here.

Thank you to our current Seeds of Giving Society Members

Lynne Black
Joanna Corrigan
Valerie Cramer
Stacey George
Patricia Griswold
Lisa Gustafson
Hannah Harter
Rivka Hodgkinson
Earle “Win” Irwin
Amy Lodenstein
Lilibeth Marvin
Danielle McClellan
Ana Olson
Carol Paine-McGovern
Maya Rosloniec
Sharon Schaap
Kasie Smith
Sara Smolenski
Kay Staszel
Dennis & Debora Sturtevant
Kara Tibbe
Tammy Vandegriff