Muskegon County Recovery Loan

(In collaboration with Community Foundation for Muskegon County)

Community Foundation for Muskegon County has provided funding to GROW, allowing us to extend working capital loans to those whose businesses in Muskegon County that have been directly impacted by COVID 19. These loans are to extend capital of $1,000 – $10,000 working capital at a 4% interest rate with 6-24 month loan repayment. There are no pre-payment penalties.

Step 1. Please fill out the basic requirements on the form below

Step 2. You will then be directed to an additional intake form for additional required information.

After submission, our Business Development Officer will then schedule a virtual appointment with you to review your application information.

Please note, this loan is only for businesses located in Muskegon County. If you are in a different county or the qualifying criteria does not apply to you, please visit our resource page for information that may be of assistance to you. Our resource page also consists of another intake form for those who are either current borrowers or those who do not qualify for this loan.