Alogo Human Resources
Business Description:

Alogo Human Resources is a Michigan based Human Resource consulting firm focusing on assisting all small and medium sized businesses with all of their HR needs.

City: Grand Rapids
Business Phone Number: 616-288-4210
Business Website Address: http://www.alogohr.com
Business Email: ariel@alogohr.com
GROW Client: Yes
Ownership Type: Woman Owned
Fishladder Logo
Business Description:

Fishladder Inc., founded in 1999, engages executives and teams, through coaching and workshop experiences, to discover the power of purposeful play. Using applied improvisation as a learning methodology, leaders and their teams improve their ability to work collaboratively, build trust, and discover innovative solutions for navigating change in an unpredictable world. For over 20 years, Fishladder has served national and international clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to non-profits.

City: Grand Rapids
Business Phone Number: 6165406595
Business Website Address: http://fishladder.net/
Business Email: info@fishladder.net
GROW Client: Yes
Ownership Type: Woman Owned, Minority Owned
Michigan Good Food Fund
Business Description:

Michigan Good Food Fund is a $30 million public-private partnership loan fund that provides financing to good food enterprises working to increase access to affordable, healthy food in low-income and underserved communities in Michigan. This includes the range of businesses that grow, process, distribute, and sell healthy food that reaches those who need it most. We provide flexible, patient capital to good food enterprises often overlooked by traditional banks. Lending is bolstered by business assistance to help entrepreneurs grow their ventures and prepare for financing.

Since its 2015 launch, the Michigan fund has invested more than $12 million in good food enterprises, supporting 300 businesses with financing or business assistance and created/retained 600 jobs across the state food value chain.

We’re on the lookout for Michigan-based food businesses that, with our support, can make a positive change in underserved communities. We evaluate businesses based on the following goals and priorities:

Healthy food Access: Increase access to healthy food as a means to improve the health of all Michigan residents.
Economic Development: Drive economic development and job creation to grow Michigan’s economy.
Racial & Social Equity: Ensure equitable access to food, jobs, ownership, and flexible investment capital.
Environmental Stewardship: Encourage sustainable environmental practices.
Local Sourcing: Increase the sourcing and supply of locally grown and regionally produced foods.
Strengthening Michigan’s good food chain.
Unlike other healthy food financing efforts that primarily focus on retail, we are committed to supporting projects across Michigan’s food value chain including production, processing, distribution, and retail projects that increase access to “good food,” meaning food that is healthy, green, fair, and affordable. This is a first-of-its-kind effort working to create financial and social impact throughout the food value chain.

City: Statewide
Business Phone Number: 734.213.3999 x212
Business Website Address: http://www.migoodfoodfund.org
Business Email: info@MIGoodFoodFund.org
GROW Client: No
Get what you want from your business
Business Description:

As a Professional EOS® implementer™, my goal is to teach, facilitate and coach owners and their leadership teams to strengthen your company’s Six Key Components™ of business so YOU get the most from your business. And then I get the heck out of your way and let you run your company!

Our focus will be on achieving VISION, TRACTION and HEALTHY. This means getting everyone in your organization on the same page, achieving results with discipline and accountability towards that vision, and surrounding yourself with the right people for your unique organization.

If that resonates with you, let me help your business implement a complete business system, with simple tools, and a proven process that will create real impact for your business.

City: Caledonia
Business Phone Number: 616-914-4417
Business Website Address: Pivotal Blueprint
Business Email: Barb@PivotalBlueprint.com
GROW Client: No
Ownership Type: Woman Owned