Did you know that in 2012, there were around 5.7 million businesses with hired employees in the U.S. alone, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau? Furthermore, more than 35 percent of the entire American workforce is found in small firms with less than 100 employees. Close to 90 percent of businesses have less than 20 employees, and close to 80 percent of businesses have less than 10 employees. So joining hands with the rest of the small business owners' crowd suddenly sounds a lot more appealing, doesn't it?

If you need support, guidance, and professional advice on your new entrepreneurship path, we warmly invite you to get in touch with us. GROW has many training programs and workshops to offer, aiding entrepreneurs to get a head start on their businesses as well as grow it faster. Since safety is critical for businesses of all sizes, below you will discover a few useful tips on how to strat up a well secured business using the best practices.

Occupational Safety And Health Capacities Of Small Businesses

While most people tend to mistakingly associate the idea of a small business to a small retail shop or a service firm, the truth is things have changed considerably during recent years. We now find manufacturers selling high tech technologies as well as other advanced products and services. It goes without saying the more valuable the merchandise and confidential information you need to store on a daily basis in your business venue, the higher the security level must be.

While the number of employees will also determine your health and security needs, you will also need to consider the structure of the business as well as its age. Will your business feature a manager-centered culture, or will your business culture be determined by something else? Answering to all of these questions should help you make the right calls concerning your security needs. Will you need a 24 hour locksmith near me service on speed dial, or should you hire your permanent security company that can service your locks and alarms and handle all types of emergencies?

The Economic Environment Is Risky For Small Businesses

Almost all small businesses struggle for survival in the risky economic environment they need to deal with. Two-thirds of new small businesses survive for at least two years, but only around 44% manage to still make it on the market for at least four years. According to research in the field, those businesses that last five years have less than 50 percent the yearly workplace injury rate compared to businesses that solely last for two years.

While structural changes and market forces tend to influence the levels of resources that small businesses can afford to allocate to their occupational safety and health needs, not all is lost.

Affordable Security Solutions For Small Businesses

For an emerging small business that cannot afford to hire a top security company and security guards on the doors, there are plenty of affordable solutions:

  • hiring local locksmiths charging smaller fees for their lock installation/re-key/repair services, or national companies that can afford to charge customers less as they are using advanced technologies like Authorized Locksmiths.

  • searching for discounts for using multiple services or buying several sets of locks at once;

  • opting for free estimate services for your lock or alarm system needs;

  • maintaining all commercial locks in top shape to prevent them from breaking, saving money on repair and replacing, while preventing theft and forced entries.