New Escape Room Business Opening in Muskegon with Help from GROW

GROW is excited to announce the upcoming opening of one of their newest clients in Muskegon, Let Us Go Escape Rooms. Founded by twin brothers Bradd and Chad Bitson, Let Us Go Escape Rooms is a fun destination located in the Northside Center in Muskegon, which will open in April.

Let Us Go is designed to have up to eight people play at a time. The purpose of the escape room game is to work together to solve a series of puzzles in less than one hour and “escape”.

Let Us Go Escape Rooms has two rooms with rotating themes, like spies and secret agents to prophecies and archeologists. The puzzles are unique to Let Us Go as the Bitson brothers decided to be independent from franchising.

“We wanted people to experience all these ideas we were thinking of. All our games are made fresh, so the stories are all yours,” said co-founder Bradd Bitson.

The pair reached out for help with a loan through GROW ’s loan program. The loan will primarily be used for furnishing, props, and locks. GROW’s Business Development Director, Karen Benson, will continue to work with Let Us Go throughout their loan period and beyond.

“We are very grateful for the support GROW has shown us. They really made this a simple process for us,” said co-founder Chad Bitson.

Karen Benson added, “We are thrilled for Bradd and Chad with the upcoming opening of Let Us Go Escape Rooms, and the continued growth of our clients overall here in Muskegon. We’ll continue to support them as they build their business.”

Learn more about Let Us Go Escape Rooms at

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