Coming up with a new business idea is not rocket science for most people. We all have a hidden idea in the back of our heads, something we believe will change our life for good, yet we never had the money to put it into practice. But when you already have a small business you are currently managing and you would like to see it grow, things might be a little more difficult when funding is the one thing you are lacking.

What if all that could change right now, as you've just learned that you have won the Euromillions lottery and a huge jackpot prize will soon reach your bank account? But first things first…

How To Play And Win The Lottery?euro millions lets you play lottery online

  • Start by deciding if you wish to play using land lottery locations or gas stations selling printed tickets, or it is more convenient to opt for online lotto platforms like You can use this site to take a look at the this week's Euro Millions' results or simply tap on your favorite numbers and mark your tickets for the upcoming draw.

  • Checking out past results or statistics should inspire you when selecting your next numbers; so-called cold numbers are the ones that have not come up in a long time, and which might be drawn sooner than you might expect.

  • This is why expert lottery players recommend you keep a close eye on past games and their results, as well as statistics expanding over several years.

  • You are also recommended not to rely on anniversary dates for your wedding, birthdays, or high school graduation days when marking your tickets. Since you will be limited to numbers from 1 to 12 and 1 to 31, you will not be covering the entire range of numbers that could come up during the upcoming draws. For example, the Euromillions game, one of the most popular games played on the Old Continent requires players to choose from a pool of numbers from 1 to 50 for the main numbers, and two different lucky star numbers from a pool of 12 numbers.

  • Continue to play week after week and do not skip any draws, as you never know when the numbers you keep playing might finally come up and make you a millionaire.

  • Play online as you will not only enjoy a lot more convenience, but also good discounts for multi draws or free tickets for registering en player accounts.

So I Won The Lottery – What Does That Do To My Business?

Take a couple of weeks to cool off and put your thoughts and emotions in order. You might be tempted to go on a few crazy shopping sprees and fill up your garage with the latest Ferrari or your dresser with the most expensive designer collections.

Think real hard about the way you could expand your current business. How could your winning help your lifestyle go forward? You could use the old adage of “spend $1, save $1 and give $1” so you can properly allocate your money to your personal and financial goals. You are also advised to talk to a psychologist before making any big decisions, as the psychological impact might be a lot greater than you might imagine. You should also find a lawyer and/or a financial advisor who will help you structure a good financial plan.

Determine how much money you will need to maintain the lifestyle you want to life from no won and sort our your give-aways before you start to invest in your existing business. Navigate all of your investment options and learn how to minimize your tax exposure.