EmpowerHER Client Resources

Welcome to EmpowerHER!

This is your one-stop destination to all of the information and documents you will need throughout your EmpowerHER enrollment experience. This page will direct you to all of the forms you will be completing, and you will also be able to submit your requests for Expert Coaches along with your evaluation of the meetings.

Please complete the following forms prior to your enrollment appointment.

EmpowerHER: Confidence Survey

The Confidence Survey will help to establish a starting point for your EmpowerHER journey, as well as assist GROW staff in better serving your individual needs.  Please be assured that your responses will be kept confidential. Please print a copy and bring to your enrollment appointment.

EmpowerHER: Business Assessment

The Business Assessment will help you diagnose where you are in various aspects of your business. Read each statement and choose the rating that best indicates your level of agreement. Please answer truthfully. Please print a copy and bring to your enrollment appointment.

EmpowerHER Program Agreement (Coming Soon)

Please print and sign a copy to bring with you to your enrollment appointment.

EmpowerHER Payment Form (Coming Soon)

Please print and complete this form to bring with you to your enrollment appointment.

Annual Service Plan

The Annual Service Plan will help outline the vision you have for your business. Part One is to be completed prior to your first meeting with your assigned BDS. You will need to print it out and take it with you to your meeting so that the two of you can review it together. After reviewing Part One, you will complete Part Two with your BDS.  Part Two will delve into your marketing strategy, monthly business tracking, and goal setting. Your BDS will be there to help you determine what your top goals are for this enrollment period.

Annual Service Plan: Part 1

Annual Service Plan: Part 2

Business Core Values

The Business Core Values clarification worksheet was created to help you define your business. What sets your business apart from the crowd? The best companies develop values that impact their business strategies, brand, and company culture. It is one of the things that makes them quite unique. Taking the time to evaluate your mission, target market, and values will help you determine what and how to set your business apart from others.

Business Core Values Information & Definitions (Coming Soon)

Business Core Values Clarification