EmpowerHER Business Development Specialist Resources

Your commitment to GROW as a Business Development Specialist:

Develop and maintain client relationships built on mentoring, consulting and support. the role of BDS is not to do work for clients or hire other to do so. Rather, you will guide, focus, question, and hold accountable the client in ways most beneficial to their specific business.  Take the time to familiarize yourself with the benefits clients receive with EmpowerHER enrollment, and encourage them to utilize those benefits when applicable.

BDS and Client Interaction Resources

Below you will find all of the documents you will need for your monthly meetings with your assigned EmpowerHER clients along with the meeting tracking form.

Annual Service Plan

The Annual Service Plan will help clients outline the vision they have for their business. Clients will complete Part One prior to their first meeting with their assigned BDS and bring a printed copy to review. Part Two will be completed with their BDS; this section delves into the marketing strategy, monthly business tracking, and goal setting.

Annual Service Plan: Part 1

Annual Service Plan: Part 2

Attention all Business Development Specialist: please submit the invoice template below to receive compensation for your client meetings. In order to receive payment for your services you must have submitted a meeting tracking form for each of your meetings with clients.

BDS Invoice Template

Business Core Values

The Business Core Values clarification worksheet was created to help clients define their business. What sets a business apart from the crowd? The best companies develop values that impact their business strategies, brand, and company culture. It is one of the things that makes them quite unique. Taking the time to evaluate your mission, target market, and values will help determine what and how to set a business apart from others.

Business Core Values Information & Definitions

Business Core Values Clarification