For some people New Year’s means a lot of fun while for others it’s the saddest moment of their existence. Are you tired of staying at home watching TV on New Year’s eve? We think you agree that there’s plenty of time for that in the other 364 days of the year so we came up with a few ideas that might spice up your night.

Go to a strip club

A strip club is definitely something different considering they’re not a usual destination of most people. If you are in a relationship or you plan on going to the club with both men and women, make sure to choose a venue that’s suitable for both genders. Otherwise, it will be awkward and none of you will actually have fun. Considering Scarlett’s Cabaret is organizing a New Year’s party we welcome you all regardless of gender because you are bound to have the time of your life. We’ll make sure you do


If strippers are not really what you seek for this time of the year, here’s another idea: pack up your bags and go travel. Why don’t you visit the Niagara Falls or the Grand Canyon? You could go camping, bring some fireworks and watch the sky burn in multiple colors as the clock strikes midnight. If you plan on going to the Niagara Falls, here’s a website that gives you more information for your trip:

GamblingCraps table

Camping is enjoyed by a specific type of people while most of us prefer to avoid spending the night in the cold. If you are one of them, we have one more idea for you to consider: online gambling. Does this sound interesting? Well, wait until you see all the New Year’s promotions offered by online casinos. Players will jump at the opportunity to get free spins at slot games and free bets for sports betting. Add on top of these the welcome bonus offered by most casinos at any time during the year, and you will have plenty of money to get you started.

Still, remember that you must make a deposit to benefit from all of this. That’s why you have to carefully research the online casino that interests you. Do a simple Google search to see what people are saying about that particular online gambling venue. If you have absolutely no idea about what site to try out, you could ask your friends for suggestions or you could turn to almighty Google one more time. Search “best online casinos” and you will get dozens of websites that offer reviews for the most popular sites. You can even take it one step further and read reviews of specific games.

 Here’s what to look at:

  • Whether they accept players from your country
  • What payment methods are accepted
  • What welcome bonus you get, if any
  • What is the minimum withdrawal amount
  • What is the return to player value
  • What games they offer to the wide public