Published: November 14, 2019

Best Website Builders for Your New Business

Best Website Builders for Your New Business We work with hundreds of business owners every year. Some are just starting out and others are looking to build their business. They all know the importance of having a good website to support their marketing efforts. Often, the challenge is that there are so many options to […]

Published: October 16, 2019

Top Podcasts for Women in Business

Top Podcasts for Women in Business In the car, while cleaning the house, or even before bed, listening to podcasts is more popular than ever. With a range of topics, some serious and some hilarious, there’s a podcast out there for everyone. But what about you, the women entrepreneurs of the world? That’s where we […]

Published: October 07, 2019

GROW Staff Members Nominated for YNPN Awards

                  We have exciting news, two of our GROW staff members are nominated for YNPN Awards! Amy Deel, Operations Manager, has been nominated for the “Innovator Award” Kelli Smith, Director of Lending, has been nominated for the “Dorothy A. Johnson Excellence and Achievement Award.” We’re proud of […]

Published: October 04, 2019

Are You Around the Table or Are You AT The Table?

Are You Around the Table or Are You AT The Table?   At the most recent Women Connect event, put on by Varnum, GROW, and GRAM, we had the chance to hear from local women leaders, including Debra Guyton, the VP of HR at Wolverine Building Group. Her words resonated with us, and every single […]

Published: September 18, 2019

Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome Original article written by Joel Ombry and published in Women’s Lifestyle Magazine Mary was excited and flattered to get the promotion.  She’d been working in the company for a little over 4 years and was seen as a solid performer.  The calls and emails from current and former co-workers were nice as well.  […]

Published: September 18, 2019

When the Curtains Close: Selling Your Business

When the Curtains Close: Selling Your Business Original article written and published in Women’s Lifestyle Magazine   When you start a business, it’s often to follow a dream, to follow in the footsteps of family or friends, or to meet an unmet need in the world.  You see the opportunity, start it, nurture it, and […]

Published: September 05, 2019

Make Time for What Matters

Make Time for What Matters   As an entrepreneur or small business owner, we know you’re busy running your business. Answering phones, taking care of billing, marketing your products and services, and supporting customers, it can be a lot. Nearly all the clients we work with seem to struggle with the same thing: there’s not […]

Published: August 23, 2019

Focus on Financials

Focus on Financials The financial aspect of running a small business can seem daunting. Nevertheless, a hard task can be tackled effectively with a little bit of direction. In entrepreneurship, the financials include everything from funding to simply keeping up with day-to-day tasks. Here are some tips that can help you get started. Separate Your […]

Published: August 01, 2019

Importance of Instagram

Importance of Instagram Visuals. All the rage in today’s day and age. But why? And how can you use that to your advantage? The short answer: Instagram. It allows you to tell a story, showcase your products, and engage with customers, all in one platform, but with a different feel than Facebook or Twitter. Instagram […]

Published: July 18, 2019

Volunteering with GROW

Volunteering with GROW   Our goal at GROW is to help entrepreneurs create the businesses of their dreams. We’re here to assist, mentor, educate, and much, much more. But we may need YOUR help to do it! Volunteers for GROW make up a huge part of what we’re able to accomplish. They provide business counseling, […]

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