This is an era in which amazing tools and resources for entrepreneurship (many of them related to the Web somehow) exist for people, such as women, who traditionally faced impediments from going into business. Yet another advantage of the current day is that there are many emergent markets and industries that provide excellent traction for new businesses — these opportunities can be especially complementary and attractive to the perspectives of emerging business owners, in turn.


One of the hottest marketplaces for women starting out in businesses is “social” online ecosystems including gaming and entertainment.


Less Tracked Business Paths


Of all the possible business plans that involve e-commerce or online entertainment services, we can make a special example of certain types of gaming products. Licensed casino systems happen to be some of the most innovative and most lucrative Web-based game platforms, providing turnkey enterprises that can sustain small or medium sized businesses. Even somebody not serious about opening a gaming website can get to know some principles about such contemporary opportunities from the example of Web-based casinos.


It is not just states like Michigan and others that have legalized gambling; this form of entertainment is very popular all over the world. Countries like the UK and certain EU countries have had legal betting and registered casinos for some time already. Under regulated conditions — with plenty of protections for consumers — they functions a bit like a more advanced form of state-run lotteries and low-stakes scratch games.


Over the past decade the technologies and systems enabling online gambling (including the rise of online payment tools like PayPal) have progressed to the point that new casino sites can be launched by independent parties and entrepreneurs. This form of business essentially can be based upon a “mom and pop” sort of establishment, just on the Web instead of as a brick-and-mortar venue.


Why Games Are So Popular


Then next significant detail that substantiates this example (while representing online businesses in general) has to do with the audiences for real-cash games. They have been expanding rapidly. People who play online definitely are not the “video game” types any more, or even just “gamers” — classics like poker, blackjack and roulette are thriving online with a much broader demographic than one might have expected. Slot machines have evolved into a multi-layered sort of game with animations, video and complex themes. There are slots being created based upon musicians like Jimi Hendrix and famous bands such as Gunz N Roses and they are redefining this sort of game well beyond the image we all have of people sitting pulling levers in front of “machines” inside casinos.



Furthermore, the ways in which these new audiences of online games actually enjoy them is important. They can play using standard computers and laptops with little or no software installation, but the newest craze is mobile casinos. These platforms run flawlessly on smartphones and tablets and many do not even work by asking players to download apps. The way the Web has been evolving has made most any kind of entertainment content with multimedia exist squarely within the Web browser window itself that no longer requires plugins like the older Flash scenario.


Anybody who may be interested in running an online casino or working within the industry and promoting this form of entertainment — perhaps supporting players by offering supplemental products and services, or promoting existing casinos by acting as affiliates — should do a little research. The UK casino-gaming market is a great example and can be very illuminating when checking out recommended UK casino sites online to see how they are promoted, and in order to generate business ideas.