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We’re excited to have another resource for GROW clients and local businesses to promote their businesses. We are a part of a vibrant entrepreneurial community where local businesses are supported regularly. Our goal is to continue to expand offerings to our participants and other local business owners to collectively market themselves to generate business growth and economic impact.

Join our business directory to be promoted through GROW’s existing communication channels and networks and expand your digital footprint.

Business Directory Guidelines & Requirements

If you are a business owner who has participated in a combination of at least two GROW programs, counseling sessions or you have received a GROW Microloan, you are eligible to list your business.

Haven’t been a GROW participant, (yet)?  The opportunity to list your business is still available to you.  (You may also want to check our program offerings if you’re looking for training, guidance or support for your business. Learn more about our Entrepreneurial Training programs here.)

To be eligible for the directory, businesses must:

  • Be registered. Registered means you have filed your business name with the proper entities. Visit for details.
  • Have a tax ID number
  • Be in operation at least 6 months
  • Have an active website
NOTE: GROW will review all directory submissions and has the right to adjust, edit, or refuse listings. We review them individually. You will receive notification of approval or any concerns within 5 business days of your submission.