WomenConnect Recap

Women Connect 2 smallWomenConnect, an annual event held at the Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM) last month, came about because GROW, Varnum LLP, and GRAM share a common vision of empowering women in our community and beyond. Each organization has its own events and programs developed to connect and empower women. Still, WomenConnect is a way our organizations collaborate to welcome new women into our community.

All of our organizations are leaders in our work. Collectively, leadership and collaboration go hand in hand. We believe that together we can all make a bigger impact for a cause, for a person, for a generation, and in our case, for women!

Through the yearly WomenConnect event, our purpose is to connect women who have recently moved to West Michigan, whether for their career or family, to other leaders in the community. By bringing women together we provide opportunities to network, collaborate, develop new friendships, and ultimately bring about change–change through the new support networks, skill sets, and resources that these connected women initiate.

We all have an opportunity to influence our community. GROW, Varnum and GRAM continue to focus on inclusion and access to resources for women entrepreneurs. It is our hope that events like WomenConnect create relationships where we continue to build on this momentum.

Help us continue to carry this message of inclusion by promoting women leaders, empowering women in every aspect of their lives, connecting them with others in the community, and providing access to information, influence, resources and people. Be a part of the change necessary to elevate women in our community.

Stay connected to these organizations for the latest news and events related to our inclusion efforts: