Ways to Support Local Businesses During the Coronavirus

Although states are reopening around the country, the coronavirus is still an issue affecting community members and local businesses. With stay-at-home orders, businesses have taken a hit, especially small, locally-owned ones. At GROW, our mission is to help business owners in all stages of entrepreneurship, even a worldwide pandemic! So we’ve come up with some great ways to continue to support local businesses.

Buy gift cards

Even if it’s just $10, purchase a gift card for a friend and encourage them to do the same. If businesses aren’t yet open, this ensures that they’ll receive your support when they are.

Order carry-out or delivery

Most of you have probably already been doing this, but it’s a great way to show your favorite local restaurants some love. Most have made huge shifts to continue to serve the community and are counting on your orders.

Continue to pay your memberships/subscriptions

If at all possible, try to continue to keep up with any subscriptions, like a local gym.

Offer services/volunteer

Are you a web designer? Consider offering a website to a beloved business. Into social media? Provide tips or tricks, or even help them create content during this time.


This one’s easy. Cash will help your favorite business right now more than you probably can imagine.

Post about them on social media

Use your social media presence as a promotion tool. If you’ve got a favorite local business, post about them on your accounts and encourage your friends to check them out, too. Leave recommendations on LinkedIn or Facebook accounts, and tweet and post to Instagram when you can.

Reschedule instead of cancelling

Whether it’s a haircut or an appointment with a plumber, instead of cancelling your service, try to reschedule to help them try to keep their upcoming weeks full.

What are some ways you’ve been working to support your favorite entrepreneurs? If you’re an entrepreneur yourself, what would help you most? If you have questions regarding what you can do to help out community businesses, don’t hesitate to contact us.