Volunteering with GROW


Our goal at GROW is to help entrepreneurs create the businesses of their dreams. We’re here to assist, mentor, educate, and much, much more. But we may need YOUR help to do it! Volunteers for GROW make up a huge part of what we’re able to accomplish. They provide business counseling, teach one on one, facilitate workshops, and even provide general office assistance. If you’re passionate about helping local entrepreneurs become the most successful versions of themselves and have expert advice to give, consider joining our team of talented volunteers today!

We work with a range of clients from small startups to established businesses that are in growth mode, and everything in between. Our staff works closely with all of our clients to ensure they have the resources, guidance, and connections they need for their business to thrive. This can be human resource advice, policy creation, or financial insights, to name just a few.

Volunteer Mentors

From marketing to finance to human resources, our clients seek expert guidance in all aspects of business management. If you can add to our program, help budding entrepreneurs, and are interested in a one-on-one counseling relationship, this is for you!

In addition, our program EmpowerHER pairs executive mentors with a business for a year-long training program. As a business development specialist, you can assist women by helping them strategize and create goals, coaching them along the way as their business continues to grow and expand.

Facilitating Workshops

We hold several classes and workshops each month at GROW in Grand Rapids and in Muskegon. These sessions are geared toward helping entrepreneurs in each stage of business. Whether it’s a GROW Connects class with a hyper focus on a specific topic, or one of our Growth and Planning Series sessions on Business Basics, Financial Awareness, or Marketing, there are several options to get involved. View our events calendar here to get an idea of the classes we offer.

Intern at GROW

In addition to volunteer opportunities, we do offer internships at GROW as well! Internship involvement includes everything from office support and working with our staff to special projects and client surveys. These postings can be found through your university or directly through us if you’d prefer. Contact us for more information, internship descriptions, and further details.

Special Events, Projects and In-Kind Volunteers

GROW supports hundreds of clients each and every year. The support of volunteers makes a huge impact in all we’re able to accomplish. We have several events where volunteers are needed for event planning, sponsorship outreach, and creative development. This includes our Seeds of Growth Annual Luncheon and Fundraiser, Sparkle Celebration, and Gazelle Girl.

If you have an interest in sharing your expertise and time with GROW, and maybe learning a thing or two along the way, complete our online form here or reach out to Danielle Guinsler. We welcome any and all volunteers and do our best to accommodate your schedule and task preferences. As always, please contact us with any questions and we look forward to hearing from you!