Top 10 Reasons Your Small Business Should be Blogging


Everyone is talking about content marketing today, most of which is done through blogging. While it can sound very technical or intimidating to those getting started with their business, blogging doesn’t have to be. We’ve put together some great reasons why you should consider blogging.

And, don’t let it be intimidating. Think of a blog as a simple article where you’re answering your customer questions, giving them highlights on a new product or tips on doing something better for themselves.

In terms of “content marketing” a blog can be your starting point. Then you can share that content in your social media channels like Facebook or Twitter, send emails to customers with the information, and even make a handout for customers in your store.

  1. Keep your website fresh. Give your customers and visitors a reason to check out the site regularly. You can call this blogging, sharing tips, monthly promotions… whatever you want. Adding blogs is a way to add current information to you site. And, it’s also good for search engines.
  2. Establish expertise. Most small businesses want to be a resource for their customers. Writing articles with information and resources for customers, and prospects is a great way to showcase your knowledge.
  3. Answer questions. How many times do you get the same questions from customers or prospects? Help them out by making your website a resource with FAQs for them. It saves them time; gives them information they want and saves you time. Also, think about prospects who might search that same question in Google. Your answer could be the one they find online!
  4. Generate leads. Writing about your products, services or even the industry is relevant to your prospects. This content on your website contributes to your search engine optimization and can impact visits to your site.
  5. Proof for prospects. If you’re saying the same things repeatedly with advice, techniques or even customer stories, write an article for your website. This can be a great reference point in a meeting with a potential new customer.
  6. Close the sale. Your site is relevant, sharing expertise and answering potential customer questions. Your blog generates leads, offers proof to those you talk too and will help you close the sale.
  7. Create social media content. Social media is a space where information moves fast. Share your articles via your social media profiles and continue to build your online reputation. Keep in mind that one article could be several social media posts over a month’s time,
  8. Social PR. Use your content and expertise to connect with those who share similar information. Customer and media relationships can start online, after all they are people too.
  9. Build a digital footprint. It is all connected. Blog articles on your website are a foundation. Think of all your social media, email marketing, advertising as spokes on a wheel. All roads lead back to your website.
  10. Stand out from competitors. Is your competition blogging or creating articles on their website? It’s not a matter of doing it because they are. Write blogs because of all the items above. Because you want to share your expertise, answer questions, be an influencer and ultimately build your business.

If you have a question about blogging or how to get started, let us know. We’ll be happy to answer you and provide resources along the way!