How to Talk to the Media with Shelley Irwin

For this month’s segment with Shelley Irwin at WGVU, we flipped the script! Our Program Manager, Mary Hartfield, interviewed Shelley instead.

As you may have seen on Facebook, Shelley recently led our GROW Connects class that was all about how to talk to the media. Being a seasoned professional in media relations, Shelley was the perfect person to have teach the workshop. Here are a few of the things she and Mary talked about.

The Glowing Box

Shelley loves to talk about the power of the glowing box, or the television. “There’s a lot of power in the television, but also in the internet and in the other growing opportunities that provide platforms for how to best get your word out,” she explained. It truly is amazing when you think about all of the power and influence that these things hold. The media, including things online and on social media, are great avenues to promote and market your business, and their “power” is something you have to know how to leverage.

Moreover, Shelley talked about how one bad message, particularly on social media, can hurt your business. “You have to learn to use it to your advantage,” she said. There has to be a lot of thought and consideration that goes into social media posts. Just as if you’re being interviewed on television, social media also spreads a message that will reflect your business.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Shelley gave a disclaimer and explained, “You have to put your best foot forward and be on your best behavior.” Shelley described how she approached the recent workshop from her own experiences and her specific vantage point, but how it can be translated across all platforms and amongst all business. “I presented it as: here’s an opportunity for you to shine and to deliver your passion to the community in a planned way.”

Quick, but Invaluable Advice

  • “Don’t be late and send a thank you note.”
  • “You need to know a way to get your word out, how to best get there, so focus on that.”
  • “There’s nothing wrong with being a squeaky wheel, you have to follow up.”
  • “Don’t be afraid of the mic. You have to practice!!”

If you have any questions of your own about speaking to the media or about creating a positive media presence, contact us today for help or check out our other resources and workshops on our events calendar.

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