Stress Awareness: Self Care & Other Tips

April is Stress Awareness Month, which seems fitting given the current state of our communities, our state, and our country. Especially during the COVID-19 outbreak, taking care of yourself and your well-being is at an all-time high. How can you prioritize yourself and your mental health during the coronavirus pandemic?

Stress in coronavirus times

For most of us, and especially entrepreneurs and those who own small businesses, stressors are through the roof right now. You’re dealing with funding/money issues, or the impending thoughts of what’s to come financially. You’re possibly now working from home rather than an office, attempting to homeschool your children, and cooking at home way more than you’d like! All of these things disrupt your usual routine and lead to that ever-so-friendly feeling of overwhelming stress.

And stress is both mental and physical. You may be feeling more tired than usual, less productive, or even suffering from headaches, upset stomachs, or other ailments. Stress is a wildly powerful thing, and it’s critical that you stay in tune with what you’re feeling so that you can take care of yourself and others. Here are our tips for managing stress.

Create a routine

Schedule things out and stick to them, and don’t forget to also schedule breaks. A quick rest will give your brain a reset and lead to more creativity and productivity.


This one can be hard, especially right now, but it’s a great physical release for your body to get up and moving. Try exercising at home, taking a walk outside (while observing social distancing rules), or even doing some quick stretches in the morning.


Although there have been lots of articles out there about the increase in sleeplessness and vivid dreams since coronavirus started, you should make it a priority to give your body the rest and recuperation it needs. Remember, stress is physical and mental. It takes a toll. As an entrepreneur, you may be inclined to work through the night, but we encourage you to separate your work activities from times of rest, especially in these overwhelming times.

Rely on friends and loved ones

The bizarre thing about this pandemic is that we’re all sort of in the same boat. If you’re having a hard time, don’t hesitate to reach out to a mentor, a co-worker, a loved one, or a close friend. Stress can be released by simply talking through your feelings and thoughts.

Use your resources

Our team here at GROW is here to help you alleviate as much stress as we can. You can view our COVID-19 resource page here, that’s full of articles, loan information, webinars, and more, all designed to help you get through this pandemic. Remember that you’ve got people in your corner and ready to help you succeed. We’re here for you!


If you have any questions regarding your business, loan options, or other ways we can help, please contact us today. Stay safe and healthy, prioritize your body and mind, and know that we’ll come out of this better and stronger on the other side.