Q&A: Yelena Wells on Interactive Marketing


Yelena Wells is the Vice President of Business Development at  Elite One Media. She specializes in marketing strategy, SEO, web design, social media and VR. As  a Google Trusted Photographer and a Google Partner, she is certified by Google to create virtual tours and is formally recognized for having the skills and expertise to optimize Google ad campaigns that drive results.

Let’s start with the basics! What IS a marketing campaign? And why would someone need to create one?

Marketing campaign could be a lot of different things. It could be a Facebook advertisement used to promote a new product, email marketing to advertise an event or direct mail print campaign to target a specific community or brand recognition and audience growth on a specific platform.

What are the elements of a successful campaign?

Having clear measurable goals.

Where do you see people go wrong?

Knowing their audience and unclear in call to actions. It is very important to identify your key target demographic and understand how they talk, where to find them, what answers they are looking for.

How do you measure a marketing campaign?

The great thing about marketing, especially digital marketing is that you CAN measure A LOT. How many views, clicks you get, where people click, how they follow up.


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