Say Hello to Gen Z

There’s a new group of consumers making their way into the world: Generation Z. Gen Z encompasses those born between 1997 and 2012, making the oldest person of Gen Z around 23 years old. As members of this generation grow older, they become an important part of the world of consumers, with jobs and money of their own to spend. Here are some things to consider when marketing to Gen Z.

Build community and collaboration

Often called “the loneliest generation,” Gen Z seems to deal with a lack of true connection, which is interesting considering they’ve grown up in the digital age. Still, it’s important to note that they seem to really identify with brands who prioritize giving, sharing, and cooperating with other organizations and the community. Don’t be afraid to highlight giving back, collaborative events, or special stories on your social media platforms, your website, or in your store if you have one.

Try new forms of media

TikTok is huge amongst Generation Z. While we’re not saying you have to be present there, it’s definitely something to consider if you’re trying to reach them as a demographic. Other things to try that those of the younger generation respond well to are Instagram stories and YouTube videos. Don’t be afraid to venture into something new and more video focused! Younger consumers spend a lot of time on these types of platforms, so you’ve got to follow them if they’re a part of your customer base.

Focus on storytelling and experience

Gen Z is somewhat immune to classic marketing ads and recognizable campaigns having grown up in the world of social media and internet access, and for the most part, data shows that they’re looking for experience over product—and it doesn’t have to be actual experience, but a feeling or a status that a product can provide. Again, with lives centered around social media, they like to share the things they like and it’s even easier to do when a product has a meaningful story. Gen Z really just wants to have a conversation. 

Interact with them 

Social media offers so many opportunities to engage with customers, especially the younger ones, and not just responding to comments. On Instagram, you can ask questions, post polls, create swipe up links, and more. Polls are also engaging on Twitter and Facebook and are a great way to show that you’re interested in hearing from your customers. Gen Z just wants to be heard. They like it when brands and businesses take notice of them. Take advantage of these interactive chances to create a likeness for your products.

It’s always a little overwhelming to consider trying out new marketing tactics, but as generations change, so should your strategies. You have to be open to and aware of differences amongst age groups and ready to pivot when necessary. If you’re looking to reach those younger consumers, try these tips. As always, reach out to us with any questions you may have. We’re happy to assist however we can.