June Entrepreneurial Insider Recap

This month’s Entrepreneurial Insider radio segment focused on the best apps for entrepreneurs. From productivity to organization, there are all kinds of apps at your disposal that are ready to be used to your benefit. Our own Program Manager, Mary Hartfield, along with Shelley Irwin helped answer questions and give insights into different apps that help entrepreneurs get the job done.

Entrepreneurs & Apps

We know apps aren’t made solely for entrepreneurs, but they are made to improve productivity. They’re full of information, tips, and tools that help you streamline tasks, share your messages, organize your life and so much more. As entrepreneurs, finding the best apps for you can take time. We’re here to help shorten that learning curve as much as possible.

Some of Our Favorite Productivity Apps

Email: Getting back to running your inbox vs it running you is important. So is finding the correct email app for you. Gmail and Microsoft Outlook are two of the most popular. They integrate across devices, and provide other tools like calenders, contacts and more.

Organization: When it comes to organization, try Evernote. It’s a great app that allows you to create digital notebooks for everything! You can categorize your notes and use different notebooks for different things. There’s a mobile app and desktop app, so you can take notes on your phone or on your laptop, and both are available from different devices. A few “notebook” examples include tracking expenses, managing client lists, and creating to-do lists.

Project management: We talked about Trello. Trello can be used to organize client work and projects onto different “boards.” It also synchs between your mobile app and desktop versions. For any of you Pinterest lovers out there, it’s sort of the same idea, just work-based. Within this app, you can also collaborate with others, so it’s great for teams to assign tasks and review progress.

Professional Networking: Everyone should also have the LinkedIn app! There’s no better way to stay connected with colleagues than through LinkedIn directly on your phone. But don’t overlook LinkedIn’s other apps as well. Accompany is an app that brings together your calendar and contact management, helping you prep for meetings. It helps pull profiles of people and companies that you’re going to meet with, keeps track of your last communications with different contacts, and helps you be prepared for meetings with their ‘Get Briefed’ notifications.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): A fancy way to say customer database on steroids. Salesforce is a great app that we use at GROW to identify our clients, their needs and our different interactions with them so we can always provide up to date information and share their progress with our staff. Salesforce is also a great CRM tool for business, and you can track when you meet with clients, what took place during that meeting and more. If you add Zynbit to Outlook, you can also pull their information and file emails to Salesforce.

So those are some of GROW’s favorite apps to use when it comes to running a business! If you have any questions about any of the apps, how we use them, or why we love them, don’t hesitate to contact us today! And, please share some of your favorite apps with us and other small business owners.