“If your gut is telling you to do something counter to what the current culture of your business is doing, do it. Don’t be afraid of being different, because that’s where you can find success.”

Urban Jonny’s Salon recently celebrated their one-year anniversary, and in their first year, salon owners Jonny Farman and Jon Frantz have created a close-knit community in which people feel comfortable as they get pampered and taken care of.

Focused on Community

In addition to exceptional service and hair care, it is Urban Jonny’s community focus that sets them apart in the salon industry. Farman says one of his favorite parts of owning a business is having the ability to “create culture and identity within the walls of the salon.” Farman and Frantz are both passionate about creating a safe community where people look forward to coming. The identity that’s been created at Urban Jonny’s is a reflection of that passion. The salon is focused on diversity and inclusivity and strives to be a place where all people feel welcomed and safe.

Taking Risks. A New Approach to Salon Pricing

This focus led to Farman and Frantz taking a risk and doing something new and different. They got rid of the typical salon model of charging by service and switched to charging by time instead. The new model “was scary at first because we didn’t have a model to go on,” says Farman, but “it’s a more straightforward approach to pricing – one that takes gender out of the equation and levels the playing field.” This concept is perfectly in line with the identity of Urban Jonny’s, and contributes to the inclusivity and comfort of the salon and making sure every client’s needs are met.


Small Business Loan Challenges Lead them to GROW

Urban Jonny’s partnership with GROW began after requesting and being denied loans at several other financial institutions. It was after these denials that Farman and Frantz attended Intro to GROW together and began the process of partnering with GROW – a partnership that has continued into their success.

GROW helped Urban Jonny’s create a business plan and get organized. GROW’s partnership helped to lay a strong foundation and build the confidence necessary for their growth and success in business. “My biggest praise of GROW is just the support. GROW will always be my first choice for financing because this feels like a team for me. There’s community and it feels like family. You know you don’t have to do it alone.”

Ready to Take Your Next Step in Business Ownership?

Whether you’re just starting your business, considering starting one or have a few years under your belt, GROW is here to help. You can utilize our training classes and educational programs, business counseling and mentorship or apply for our loan programs – which include all of our services and support for your success. Contact us today to learn more.

Learn more about Urban Jonny’s Salon and see how they are unique! Visit their website, their Facebook page or connect on Instagram.