“We have a lot of ideas and are fully capable… But having a solid foundation for our business, and knowing where we want to take it, was different.” – Jill Wolfe

A couple of years ago, Jill Wolfe and Carol Distel both had their own businesses offering niche tours of Grand Rapids. They were struggling a bit on their own when they came together at a local coffee shop. They brainstormed a few new ideas and within days they launched one of those ideas together. Just like that, Distel Wolfe was born offering team building scavenger hunts throughout the region.

Finding the Path to GROW

There was certainly a lot of work that went into the beginning stages of their business, especially surrounding their partnership. They decided early on to be intentional and aware of their expectations of each other, and of their business.

One important lesson they learned was to be able to ask for help when they needed it. This led them to GROW.

Business Plans & Strategy, a Few of GROW's Fundamentals

GROW helped the women behind Distel Wolfe sharpen their business plan and land on a strategic direction. Jill shares, “We have a lot of ideas and are fully capable of putting together the scavenger hunts, connecting with businesses, and making things happen. But, having a solid foundation for our business, and knowing where we want to take it, was different. GROW helped us with these aspects.”

GROW provided one-on-one business counseling to help this duo clarify their partnership agreement along with vet some of their ideas and business goals. Sometimes GROW connects clients with mentors and other local resources who are experts in a particular subject area. This approach ensures clients get reliable, actionable information when they need it.

Finding Success & Giving Back

Distel Wolfe has been in operation for over a year and a half now. They’ve found great success, and they’re now able to mentor and support other entrepreneurs at GROW.

How, do you ask?  Jill is a GROW volunteer and facilitates some classes. Jill added, “Having started and run a few businesses, I have a lot of lessons learned to share. I’m dedicated to making sure that the small business owners that I work with stay connected and meet on a regular basis. We all continue to support one another.”

Like most entrepreneurs, Jill and Carol confess that running a business is a lot of work and that they’ve had their fair share of moments in which they felt like giving up. When times are tough, they lean on family and each other for support and they call on other women business owners when they need it. They cite those connections as being hugely critical in their success.

When it comes to offering advice to other women just starting out in business, Jill and Carol emphasize making sure there’s a market for your business. While your idea may be the best ever, it must also be important to others! This is exactly where GROW comes in. We work with people who may have just the start of a business idea, to those who are already running successful businesses. These entrepreneurs can count on us for the right training, mentoring, and resources to give them the strongest foundation for their business. It all starts with a free Intro to Grow session where you’re introduced to all the resources, and staff members, available to you. Where entrepreneurs go from there is up to them, but you can bet that GROW is there with them every step of the way.

Things Change. Like Their Name

One thing we see a lot with entrepreneurs is the change in their business model, monetization methods, their marketing messages, and even their names. All of these changes are strategic ways to help them continue building their business and elevating their message. Distel Wolfe is now GO Scavenger Hunts. Kind of makes sense, right? Using their name to describe who they are and what they do.

Jill shared this too, “In addition to recognizing our new name as a catalyst for further growth, it’s also worth mentioning that the name “GO Scavenger Hunts” better reflects who we are as an organization. While most know us as creative team building professionals, many others know us by our “friends and family” sister company, GR Scavenger Hunt. By renaming the company, we can now bring both sides of the business under one name.”

You can now find them online at If you’re thinking of a fun business idea, or this story inspires you to do more with a thought you have rolling around in your head, then we want to talk with you. Reach out to us today, or attend an Intro to GROW session to see all we have to offer you in taking your idea into a business.