The Importance of Shopping Small this Holiday Season

Shopping small gives people the chance to truly celebrate and support their community, and this holiday season will be filled with customers shopping at local businesses. People have officially “bought in” to the idea of #shopsmall, so we’re here to help you get into the holiday spirit and be prepared for the influx of holiday shoppers!

Fun fact: for every $100 spent locally, an average of $68 stays in the community.

Here are our tips to help you get in the know and become a part of the #shopsmall movement.

Shopping Small Impacts Communities

When you visit a local family owned restaurant, hair salon or boutique you are helping support the very people who you see when you visit. They and their families have invested in creating that business, the products and all that you see surrounding you.

We realize that chain stores and restaurants have local people working there too, who rely on those paychecks. Still, the money you spend with the “mom and pop” shops, nearly all of it stays here and is re-invested in their business. These local businesses sponsor other community events, kid’s activities and more.

Make it An Adventure

If you’re going out shopping for the holidays, make it a point to try new places to eat, new places to shop. This gives you a chance to explore your immediate community and other small areas around you. You don’t have to go to a big box store.

Visit a downtown area or small business district. Many of them plan shopping events too. Park and walk, take time to discover the area with all of the charm and uniqueness it has to offer.

Small Businesses Are Usually Online Too

You can also shop online from local businesses. Take advantage of local business directories. We have one on our website here (LINK) where you can find businesses that are run by GROW clients.  You can also check out Local First, the Grand Rapids Chamber and the GR Hispanic Chamber, just to name a few. is also a great place to find local events and places to go, too.

You can always Google places and use the local search aspect or ask for local recommendations from friends via Facebook.

Visit an Expo or Pop Up Shop

There are many artisan markets, holiday shopping expos and even pop up shops in the area. Look for these events happening around you. You can pick up unique gift items for your loved ones, and maybe a little something for yourself. Check out PopUp Shop GR, which is celebrating their first anniversary. You’ll find lots of great local businesses there throughout the year.

You could even make a “shop small pact” with your family to only purchase from local shops. It is the thought that counts, and we can tell you that thinking of small business owners who are building our communities, will appreciate it more than you know.

Browse Our Directory

We have a directory of many local businesses who are GROW clients and supporters. You can search that here. And, if you’d like to add your business to this list, we invite you to do so!

On behalf of all small business owners in and around West Michigan, we hope you have a safe and happy holiday season. Now go #shopsmall and prosper.

If you’re a local business and would like to get more information about how to improve your marketing, operations, inventory management or other aspects of your business, get in touch with us today.