Importance of Instagram

Visuals. All the rage in today’s day and age. But why? And how can you use that to your advantage? The short answer: Instagram. It allows you to tell a story, showcase your products, and engage with customers, all in one platform, but with a different feel than Facebook or Twitter. Instagram gives you a place to create an aesthetic—a look and feel that’s relevant to your brand or business—creating a strong desire for your product or service. Let’s talk about why your small business should be using Instagram.

It’s popular

With 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is a social media hotspot. It’s a place to escape, be visually stimulated, and engage with others, all right from the palm of your hand. And that’s another thing. As a mobile-exclusive app, it encourages in-the-moment use and prioritization.

It’s simple

There’s essentially one way to use it and one thing to post. In a world of social media platforms that are multi-faceted, it can be comforting to escape to Instagram, where only one thing takes place. Beautiful images that you yourself can edit and alter within the app.

It’s visual

What sets Instagram apart from other social media is its priority of images. Although there is a caption option, users log on for the photos, occasionally sticking around for your caption underneath. The image is what piques their interest, encouraging them to read your words which tells them how to feel, how to engage, and what to do next—with the ultimate hope that they’ll tap the link in your bio.

It can be linked to Facebook

Facebook bought Instagram a few years ago, allowing seamless integration and cross-posting. That means that whatever you post on Instagram can also be directly posted to your business’s Facebook page! That’s half the work for you and more reach for your content. It’s important to note that Facebook and Instagram are still different platforms—too many hashtags on Facebook is a no go and Instagram handles do not transfer over to Facebook. This may require a bit of editing of your caption, but it can be done easily. To link your Instagram and Facebook accounts, check out this easy how-to.

You can reach new audiences

You know, just another part of social media. Instagram advertisements or sponsored ads appear in user feeds after you target a specific demographic or location. You can direct ads outside of your current following or retarget your current following—both great options smart ways to grab the attention of people who may be interested in your product or service.

You can show behind the scenes

Although people are seeking out that next beautiful photo, it’s comforting for users to see what actually happens behind the perfect image. This is where Instagram stories come in! They’re a great way to show your customer or follower exactly how you make a product, work with a client, or manage to get to where you are. It’s relatable, brings you down to earth, and keeps your followers intrigued. To build authenticity, something consumers love, it’s good to show both the processes and people behind your business.


Each social media platform is different, but Instagram can be fun and creative for you and your business. If you have any questions about how to get started on Instagram, how to switch to a business account, or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact us today!