Don’t Go It Alone. The Importance of Business Mentors

It’s one thing to be a small business owner; to attack the challenges you face and continue to move forward with grace. It’s another to be able to do those things all the while knowing that someone’s in your corner. Finding mentors as small business owners is often times imperative to your success, both personally and professionally. There’s something special about someone who isn’t there to coddle you through your endeavors, but rather guide you through mistakes or shortcomings, offer solutions, and always be on your side.


Identify & Connect with Potential Mentors

These mentors don’t just find you, however, and you owe it to yourself to put your initial worries aside and reach out to someone you think you could build a great partnership with.

Is there someone in your life who you respect and admire? Someone you wish you could be when your business “grows up”? Someone you’ve spoken to and felt a genuine connection with? Good! It can truly be as simple as that. Now, nurture the heck out of that relationship, and make sure they understand the role they play in your life.

  • Seek these women out.
  • Be active in surrounding yourself with women who do great things.
  • Set up meetings.
  • Ask for help.
  • Be open about seeing a possible mentorship between the two of you. 

Multiple Mentors Provide Holistic Feedback

Don’t limit yourself, though. Sure, you might have one significant woman (or man) that you go to for most advice. But don’t think that you’re only allowed one mentor! You can make a mentor out of so many people—the woman you met for coffee one time who said something important, the woman who interviewed you and didn’t offer you a job but rather a friendship, or the woman who is in a completely different field than you but still cares about you and your success. These women are all mentors, they all foster a sense of leadership, and can push you to succeed.

Plus, if you think about it, it’s better to have a diverse set of mentors who can help with multiple facets of your business. Identify those who can help you in different ways—like having a financial mentor, an organizational advisor, or just a supporter who’s utterly motivational—and actively call on all of them for their help.

GROW Connects Mentors & Mentees

GROW understands the importance and impact strong mentors play in our professional and personal lives. Learn more about our business mentorship opportunities through our one-on-one business counseling, or let us connect you with one of our many volunteers who are interested in helping guide other women looking to start and build their businesses.

If you’d like to volunteer, learn more here.