How to Show Gratitude to Your Team While Working Remotely

How to Show Gratitude While Working Remotely

Businesses that cultivate a culture of gratitude tend to perform better than those that don’t. According to a 2016 study conducted by Gallup, employees that feel appreciated are more engaged, productive and loyal. As the pandemic continues and COVID19 numbers rise, many companies are requiring workers to remain remote. Coupled with the unique stress of the impending holiday season, and expressing gratitude and making your team feel appreciated is more important than ever to maintaining morale.While office parties may not be on the menu this year, there are still ways you can show gratitude to your team while working remotely.

Up Your Check-Ins

Making your employees feel appreciated begins with making them feel connected. Check-in with them one-on-one more often. Add it to your schedule so it has a deadline associated with it, lessening the chance it will drift to the bottom of your to-do list. Make it sincere, regular and follow up. Take notes if it helps. Write down anything of significance, such as “so and so’s kids are struggling in virtual school,” or “so and so is deciding how to celebrate holidays with grandparents.” A simple follow up indicates that you care about their well being beyond what they accomplish with work.  

Gift Cards

Send your employees gift cards to local businesses, ideally local restaurants. Local businesses need support from their communities, and your remote employees probably need a break from their kitchen.  


Need we say more? According to a survey conducted by ,at-home coffee consumption has increased throughout the pandemic. While your remote team may no longer be able to enjoy the perks of the office Keurig, you can send them some of the good stuff. GROW clients Sparrows Coffee and Bloom and Grow Coffee offer home delivery on their delicious premium roasts. Even better? Get your team coffee subscriptions. Local roasters MadcapSchuil and Aldea Coffee (also a GROW client) offer monthly subscriptions. 

WFH Kits 

A delicious smelling candle, earplugs, healthy snacks, a beautiful and hard-to-kill succulent, luxurious teas… it’s the little things that go a long way in creating a productive and calming work environment from home. Show your team you support them, and you feel their pain whether they have a full home office set up or are making it work at the kitchen table. Build your own work-from-home kit with goods from local retailers, or check out Pack Elephant; the GROW client and women-owned company offers pre-made or custom work-from-home kits, all with items sourced from locally owned businesses. 

Grocery Delivery 

As cases continue to rise, many families are buckling down on limiting outings. A gift of grocery delivery is not only immensely practical but it demonstrates that you care about their safety in these anxious times. 

Catered Virtual Lunch

A little comfort food goes a long way. Send each employee a $20 gift card and ask them to spend it on delivery from their favorite local restaurant. Bring everyone together on a Zoom link to connect while enjoying their meal. 

Thank Them Publicly 

Write an email to all staff acknowledging each team member’s contributions, and why you are grateful they are with you. In a survey conducted by Make Their Day, 76% of respondents reported that praise in front of their reports resulted in them feeling very or extremely motivated. 

Handwritten Notes 

No matter how far the digital age takes us, handwritten notes continue to reign as the most impactful expression of gratitude. A 2018 study by Psychology Today showed that feelings of well-being increase dramatically for both the receiver AND writer of a handwritten note.

Douglas R Conant, the former CEO of Campbell’s Soup, believed in the power of gratitude so much that he famously wrote 30,000 handwritten notes to his employees over his 10-year span at the company. Grand Rapids-based speaker and author Shannon Cohen offers stunning cards and stationery with powerful affirmations written by Cohen herself on her website,