Holiday Marketing Ideas


As we head full steam toward Christmas, holiday shopping is in full swing. Shoppers are seeking out the best gifts for their loved ones and in today’s world, there are tons of options. But don’t fret! We’ve put together a few holiday marketing ideas that can attract your customers directly to your business!


Keep your emails fresh and frequent this holiday season. Make sure you focus on any deals, giveaways, or specials your business is running this month (more on that later). This is also a great time to come up with a deal for email subscribers. Whether that’s early access to products or a sale, show your customers some love!


Quite simple, really, and can be leveraged on all of your social media platforms for maximum engagement! By merely asking people to like a photo, share it, and follow your business page, your page views will skyrocket and more eyes will see your giveaway, take notice of your business, and maybe even become loyal customers. Whether it’s a discount on a product or giving away a product for free (come on, it’s the season of giving), this is a surefire way to boost followers and amp up your long game.


Create paid advertisements by focusing on keywords and SEO. If you struggle showing up in Google Search, this will get you there and put you in front of more possible customers. During a time of so much spending, this is a great way to attract people to your business. Boosting Facebook posts is another way to make sure your content is seen. Even a $5 boost can make a big impact.


It takes some extra time and planning, but you can pull of a holiday-themed event in your store (or another space if you’re online). Whether it’s through being a part of a pop-up shop, holding an open house, a coming up with a special in-store gift, throw up some holiday decorations and get people into your space this season!


If you haven’t implemented any of these marketing strategies yet, we hope you’ll start soon! As always, if you have any questions, please contact us for help. We’d be happy to assist you in coming up with a plan to attack the holiday season.  You can also make plans to attend our Small Business Growth & Planning Series, a 3-part series exclusively about marketing in today’s online space. The next session takes place early 2018.

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Happy shopping and we hope you have a successful holiday season for your business.