The organization encourages past clients, board members and volunteers to reconnect and share their stories.

Grand Rapids, MI –GROW, a women-focused entrepreneurial support and training organization, is celebrating 30 years of supporting and educating men and women of West Michigan through all facets of entrepreneurship.

Today, we live in a time where news about organizations assisting startups and entrepreneurship, pitch competitions, and business funding are a daily occurrence – that wasn’t the case when GROW was founded. Our founder’s vision was to assist women entrepreneurs through every step of starting and building their business. The organization has changed and evolved over the last 30 years, including becoming a federally funded organization through the SBA, one of 100 Women’s Business Centers in the country, and continues to have a strong focus in our founder’s vision in serving women and men across West Michigan.

“It is amazing to see how GROW has changed and expanded in the last 30 years,” shared Bonnie Nawara, CEO of GROW, “We love working with the community and seeing the progress and growth of our clients through the years. Our updated training programs like Facebook Credentialing and Google search, along with additional lending products and loan options, have ensured the organization delivers relevant services startups and small businesses need in today’s economy. Especially entrepreneurs who might need more technical assistance – we’re here to help level the playing field.”

GROW offers hundreds of training classes and hundreds of hours in free business counseling serving nearly 2000 clients in Grand Rapids and Muskegon every year. These classes include Intro to GROW, GROW Connects, and Small Business GPS, which provide relevant education for businesses in every phase. GROW also partners with leading organizations for new and emerging markets including food-related businesses, and offers funding options from a few thousand dollars to $50,000 and more. GROW lending resources continue to expand and increase through their recent CDFI designation and grant.

Throughout 2019 GROW is inviting all past clients, board members and volunteers to reconnect and share their experiences with GROW. They can contact GROW via phone at 616-458-3404, email or on our website at These stories will be included on the website, on social media channels, and in the annual report.


About GROW: Grand Rapids Opportunities for Women (GROW) is an organization focused on men and women at various stages of business ownership. They are the entrepreneurial resource throughout West Michigan to help entrepreneurs take the next step, empowering and supporting them with professional expertise for a lifetime. More than half of those GROW serves are low to moderate income individuals who want to start or build their business. GROW is one of only 110 certified Women’s Business Centers in the nation, and one of three in Michigan, all in partnership with the U.S. Small Business Administration. Learn more at