Established Division of GROW

There is no doubt that women who own and operate established businesses today face great challenges while seeking to move their organizations to the next level.GROW believes that women business owners who have reached a certain point in their careers have needs that are very different from those who are just starting out. That’s why we created the Established Division of GROW. It is a membership by invitation only group, intended for those who are looking for opportunities to learn, network, and share with other successful women.

With your $350 per year membership, you will have all-inclusive access to quarterly events held at unique Grand Rapids venues. These programs are:

  • Centered on topics that Established Division members have identified as critical to their professional development and the management of their organizations.
  • Highly interactive and provide tangible take away points
  • A great opportunity to share best practices with some of our community’s highly successful women-owned businesses.

You will also have access to a members-only Facebook group and be identified and recommended for various community awards that you or your company may qualify for. For more information on becoming a member, contact us today or complete the online form below.

Application for Division of Established Women Business Owners

Interested in joining GROW’s Established Division? The typical member owns a majority share of her business with annual gross revenues over $500,000, maintains a payroll, and has a business history of greater than seven years. Please submit your application below, or download the document and return it to us via email at

Questions?  Please contact Bonnie Nawara at 616.458.3404 or email us.

Have you already completed the application? Click here to renew or begin your Established Division membership.