Entrepreneurial Insider Recap – March 24, 2017

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radio recap
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The 4th Friday of every month we host our Entrepreneurial Insider segment on WGVU Radio with local entrepreneurs and the business leaders who support them. This month we were joined by Darryl Todd, Business Development Specialist of Muskegon Area First, Co-Coordinator of Muskegon Business Resource Team and our CEO, Bonnie Nawara, talking about the upcoming Muskegon Business Resource Connect event.

Muskegon Business Resource Connect | Tuesday, April 25, 7:30am – 10am

GROW is excited to work with the Muskegon Business Resource Team on their event Business Resource Connect. Created by the Michigan Economic Development Corp (MEDC) to promote all of the business services available within a community, Business Resource Connect is a chance for businesses to meet all of the support partners in one setting. This particular event will provide:

  • An opportunity for businesses to learn firsthand about all available services
  • A forum to foster discussions with these different agencies
  • Opportunities for business owners and leaders to ask questions
  • Networking with other business leaders.

Business Resource Connect is collaboration at its finest, and GROW is very excited to be involved.

Registration Information

Please register on Eventbrite here: http://bit.ly/BusinessResourceConnect

The keynote speaker for this year’s event will be Kevin Stotts, from Talent 2025. He will discuss the state of developing, recruiting, and retaining high quality talent in West Michigan, including the lakeshore.

Breakout Sessions

In addition, there will be 10 breakout sessions to cover a wide spectrum of business development, and these include:

  • Business Expansion Support, growing the possibilities for your business
  • Workforce Development & Training
  • HR Management & Compliance
  • Entrepreneurialism, Start your business here
  • Executive Leadership
  • Talent Recruitment, find, hire, and keep the best
  • Financial/Capital Resources, Get money for your business
  • Internships, Apprenticeships, & Sponsorships
  • Marketing & Networking/Community Engagement
  • Selling to the Government/SBA Certification

We suggest that all business owners and entrepreneurs attend!

At this event, you will be able to find and connect with a wide range of business support services and it’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss. If you have an established business, are contemplating starting a business, or have an idea for a business, this is a great event for you.

GROW Resources

Learn more about the resources and programs that we offer, including our microloan program, entrepreneurial training, business counseling and mentorship, and networking opportunities by contacting us today. Intro to GROW is a must attend event for you to get familiar with all that we have to offer. In addition, you can sign up for a one-on-one counseling session and we will guide you through your next steps. We are open Mon.—Thurs. 8:30 am to 5 pm and Fridays 8:30 am to 1 pm. You can reach us by phone at 616-458-3404, via email at info2@growbusiness.org, or view our events calendar for all upcoming events here: http://grow.nonprofitsoapbox.com/calendar