5 Elements of Customer Service That Can Impact Your Business Immediately


We’re now well into the holiday season, which is a busy time of year. And it’s also a time when many small business owners, like retailers, service providers, and small restaurants are their busiest. It’s a great opportunity to attract new customers and provide service that will keep them coming back.

At its core, great customer service is a large part of what keeps your customers coming back. It seems simple, but there’s a lot that goes into this! Not only will they bring you repeat business, but they’ll probably tell friends and family members about their experience with you, which will increase your profits and improve your business’s success.


Be friendly, helpful, and attentive without hovering. From the moment a customer walks into your business (or clicks on your website), they’re taking note of how they’re greeted and how they’re helped. The relationships you build with customers start at the very first interaction with you, so how they’re treated should always be a priority.

Employee Training.

Small business owners wear a lot of hats and can’t be everywhere at once. Make sure to educate your staff on customer service expectations, and help them feel empowered to take great care of your customers.

You’ve probably had an experience of your own in which an employee’s demeanor directly affected your purchases—it’s true that being kind goes a long way! In this way, great customer service has a huge impact on your conversion rates. You don’t want customers coming to you, having a bad experience or encountering a negative employee, and abandoning their purchase.

Be Respectful.

The customer is always right, right?! We know that is not necessarily the case, but the calmer and more respectful you are, the better the outcome. This applies to all online customer service interactions & reviews too!

Think Like a Customer or (TLC).

Empathy goes a long way in customer service. While this is connected to training, simply being aware of your customers’ mood, movements through the store and expressions can open the door to help them and make their day. Give them a reason to smile, do a little bit more to make them feel truly appreciated.

Thank Them.

Sending thank you notes to great clients or customers is a rarely used form of showing appreciation. You can do this via email, too. Even replying to a comment or question on your social media channels is important – show them you’re paying attention and thank them for being there.


As we mentioned earlier, incredible service can also attract more customers. By bettering the reputation of your business and giving loyal customers reasons to recommend your products and services, you’ll find yourself gaining the attention of people interested in being a part of the experience that you create!

And of course, happy customers tend to spend more money. Great customer service will only strengthen the relationship you have with those who buy your products or services, and by making them feel like a friend of the brand, they’ll be dedicated to supporting your small business.

If you’d like more tips on customer service or are seeking other forms of business mentorship to improve your business, please reach out to us today. We look forward to serving you!