Creating Processes Will Improve Small Business Operations


Within your small business, there are going to be tedious tasks that have to be accomplished on a daily or weekly basis. You can make these repetitive tasks more process oriented, to give you more time to focus on other aspects of your company. When you’re the one person in charge of all aspects of your business, minimizing the amount of time spent on day-to-day operations can give you more energy to invest in the bigger picture.

Get Organized

Rather than living by sticky notes or small reminders here and there, taking time to create a standard operating procedure, or SOP, (big name for a helpful document) you outline certain tasks and how to handle them. More importantly, once documented, you can identify ways to improve processes

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

SOPs typically consist of step-by-step, easy to follow directions for accomplishing tasks within your business. These documents make it easier for you and your (future) employees, if you have them, to deliver the same outcome every time you engage in tasks repetitively. Process documents, or even a simple outline, can also make it easier for you to use in training someone to help with the day-to-day stuff.

Processes Improve Efficiency

As you can imagine, these outlined processes improve both output and efficiency for your small business. If there are ever any questions or concerns about these specific items, you have a document to refer to that will help guide you in the right direction and simplify the work.

By putting time into creating specific processes, even if it’s just bullet points, you can help yourself and your company become more efficient. Scheduling your weeks and doing specific tasks on set days will allow you to spend more time on growing your business and focusing on revenue generating activities. In fact, companies that implement processes can see as much as a 41% increase in ROI.1

Processes Drive Growth

In addition, SOPs can be especially helpful for when your business is experiencing growth. As you find your business on the up and up, a standard operating procedure will make it easier on you when you reach the point of adding staff or hiring your first employee. With processes already outlined, you easily offer a roadmap of responsibilities for the person who will take over those tasks for you. Process documents make delegation of different tasks or duties to employees easier. GROW has many different programs that focus on strategic planning and documentation of your business goals and how you’ll get there. Your process documents and operations manuals will maximize your personal productivity and productivity of your business.

GROW Can Help

If you have questions about how to best create your process documents, a detailed SOP manual or even identify small ways to make your business more efficient, check out our business counseling options and connecting with our volunteer mentors.