GROW client success story photographic memory logoClient Success Story: Rose Hendershot, Photographic Memory


Rose Hendershot’s passion for photography led her to start her own business, Photographic Memory, in 1997. Her work has since gained recognition and awards from organizations such as the Professional Photographers of America, Michigan Triangle Professional Photographers Association, Barry County Fair, and Michigan State Fair, among others. Specializing in event and portrait photography, Hendershot strives to provide her clients with quality products and excellent customer service.

Many years ago, as a new business owner, Hendershot was searching for a way to grow her business, gain confidence, and give direction to her staff. She had taken college classes in business management, but was looking for an extra boost. A training program offered by Grand Rapids Opportunities for Women (GROW) gave her just that.

Through GROW’s ten-week course, Hendershot was able to gain insight into the day-to-day business world through lectures, workshops, and networking opportunities. She said that although the program was “intense,” the experience “opened my eyes to what would actually be used in the day to day of the business. [I learned] what I wanted to do with my business and how to accomplish it.”

All of GROW’s training programs help women to gain the knowledge and confidence needed to become successful business owners. Hendershot had always been a shy person and simply followed orders just to get the job done. Her experience with GROW helped to change that:  “Before the program, I had been beaten down to the point where I questioned my very existence,” she said. “GROW helped me to see that I had value and ability.”