Q&A: Yelena Wells on Interactive Marketing Yelena Wells is the Vice President of Business Development at  Elite One Media. She specializes in marketing strategy, SEO, web design, social media and VR. As  a Google Trusted Photographer and a Google Partner, she is certified by Google to create virtual tours and is formally recognized for having … Read more

Books for Women Entrepreneurs

7 Must-Read Books for Women Entrepreneurs These books for women entrepreneurs will inspire you on your journey, guide you to success and help you create the life of your dreams. Dare to Lead by Brene Brown Professor, podcaster, author, researcher and adored thought leader Brene Brown brings her signature vulnerability-centered approach to leadership in this … Read more

Q&A: Dr. Valencia Agnew on Recharging when You are Emotionally Drained How has the pandemic impacted our mental health overall? There is so much more anxiety, depression, and even substance abuse and domestic abuse. People are experiencing trauma from the global grief and loss. Even though we may not know the 500,000 who have died … Read more

The One Relationship that can Determine Your Success What exactly is a mentor? A mentor is a person in your life who provides guidance. An ideal mentor is authentic, engaging, available and in-tune with your goals and needs. They are where you want to be, and they use their experience to help you get there. … Read more

Virtual Events

Q&A: Cynthia Kay on Creating a Successful Virtual Event If 2020 taught is anything, it’s that virtual events are here to stay. Virtual events can be a great benefit to your business, but according to Cynthia Kay, owner of Cynthia Kay and Company media production,  we have a lot to learn to make these events … Read more

black-owned businesses

6 Ways How to Support Black-Owned Businesses, Long-Term Supporting black-owned businesses closes the racial wealth gap, fosters economically healthy communities, and creates jobs and opportunities.  Before the pandemic, 95% of small businesses in mostly black communities had a cash buffer of 2 weeks or less. 46% of black-owned businesses closed or will be forced to … Read more

Branding Expert

Do you know what your brand is? Branding expert Ricardo O’Neal of Aurikk shares his insight into what it is, and why it matters for your business. Q: Let’s start from the beginning! What is branding and why is it so important? A: Branding is the universal method of your business. It is the way … Read more


An Evidence-Based Approach to Crushing Your Goals this Year Whatever you want to achieve this year– start your business, grow your business, expand a product line– SMART  goal framework is almost guaranteed to help you get there. What are SMART Goals? How often do we declare vague goals (“I want to have more customers this … Read more

Preparing Your Business for the Holidays The holiday season is upon us! For retail businesses, this typically means ramping up for their most profitable quarter. While this year’s holiday shopping season undoubtedly different, consulting firm Deloitte predicts that retail spending will go up 1-1.5% during the holiday shopping season. We spoke with retail veteran Michelle Krick for … Read more