Branding Tips for Your Business

Entrepreneurial Insider Recap

During our most recent “Entrepreneurial Insider” radio segment on WGVU, Mary C. Hartfield, GROW program manager, and Dr. Jermone Glenn, of JG Innovations, joined Shelley Irwin to chat about brand building.

Photo Courtesy of Shelley Irwin

Dr. Glenn was one of the featured presenters at the recent Entrepreneur YOU conference. He has an extensive background in marketing, branding, and storytelling, which he uses to help entrepreneurs build their marketing skills.

Branding for Businesses
“You are your brand in every capacity. You are representing yourself. If you’re an entrepreneur, your ideas are an extension of your identity,” Dr. Glenn said. “I want to help people develop consistency between what it is they are after or trying to present, sell, or build, and who they are in every aspect of their life.”

Mary C. Hartfield, program manager at GROW, stressed the importance of entrepreneurs having the opportunity to learn about branding their business from an expert in the field.

“With social media and everything else, people want to be different. When it comes to business, it’s very important to be consistent with your brand across the board so people can identify you,” Hartfield said.

With all the options available to businesses that need to get their message out, developing consistent messaging and branding is essential. According to Dr. Glenn, without brand building, there will be no clients for the marketing efforts to consistently reach.

“Be consistent. People identify with that,” Hartfield added.

Every entrepreneur has passion and a reason for starting his or her business. Dr. Glenn said his business, JG Innovations, helps entrepreneurs navigate the path to reach their goals. As a “future facilitator,” he helps entrepreneurs grow their ideas into their full potential while staying consistent with the business’ brand identity.

“We can’t do it alone; we always need someone to walk beside [us],” Hartfield said. “You’re doing the work for your business. The expert is there to help you.”

When developing your business plan and creating a brand, it’s important to know you’re not alone. At GROW, we offer numerous training programs and classes, along with one-on-one business counseling, to help you build your business plan, create a brand identity, and obtain the help you need to find success.

You can see our list of upcoming programs on our events calendar now, or learn more about the individual programs here.