Balance & Boundaries as a Woman Entrepreneur


As women entrepreneurs, it can be hard to figure out a routine and find the balance between work and play. But as women, as sisters, as moms, and as friends, we owe it to ourselves and to everyone around us to set clear boundaries between our work and our personal lives. Here are our best tips for finding balance!

Remove the guilt surrounding working.

This is hard, and arguably the most difficult one on this list. We live in a society that ingrains beliefs that we should be nurturing mothers, sisters, aunts, wives, etc., which makes it hard to separate the guilt that comes with feeling like you’re abandoning your home or your family when you’re working. It’s important to remember, though, that this is not the case. You’re doing good work! You’re benefitting your family. Remember to take it one day at a time and be present at work and at home.

Many entrepreneurs do bring work home with them or even work from home. If this is the case for you, try separating your workspace from your personal space. If you’re working from the kitchen table, simply put your work stuff away when it’s family time. Boundaries and balance can be visual, too.

Easy like Sunday morning, every morning.

Come up with a routine that works for your home life. If that means packing lunches and laying clothes out the night before, do it. If that means planning meals ahead, do that too. Routines and consistent schedules allow us and our families to know what’s coming next. When we know what to expect and what’s expected of us when, it’s easier for everyone. And, a great routine can increase your productivity too!

Start a calendar and keep up with it.

Whether it’s a Google calendar, a paper planner, a glorious whiteboard calendar on your wall, or even just notes in your phone, use a calendar to keep up with all facets of your life. Schedule time for larger tasks or projects, schedule “me time” and the occasional meet-ups with friends or colleagues to keep you connected.


So basic but so essential. When owning and running your own business, it can be hard to fight the desire to work at all hours of the day. But keep fighting against it. Get a good night’s sleep, each and every night, to ensure that you’re the best you for everyone tomorrow. Trust us, work will still be there when you wake up in the morning, and that fresh perspective can help you tackle any task you face.

Schedule quality time.

Don’t drown in the work and forget the things that make you happy. Schedule a date night or a family game night or find something fun to do locally, and keep weekends as weekends as best you can. Make sure that you’re making time for the important folks in your life, including YOU!


We’ve talked about this one before. Not only is the internet and social media a huge distraction, but it’s a good way to start comparing your life to the lives of others. Don’t let people you follow on Instagram or Facebook dictate how you feel about your life. If you’re working hard and being a great contributor to your family, it doesn’t matter what others are doing. Stay present and appreciate your life.

Let go of perfection.

In the same vein, teach yourself to let go of your desire for absolute perfection. It’s not attainable and it shouldn’t be a goal of yours. Instead, aim to be the best you can be, one day at a time. Be a good CEO, a good wife, a good mother, and accept it all for what it is. After all, there is no one else that does good work like you!

Let us help.

If you’re struggling to find a balance between owning your own business and building a positive personal life, we’ve got great mentors who are ready to help you out along the way. Our training programs are also great ways to find new tools and solutions to use for your business. Visit our events calendar, connect with us on social media and contact us anytime to learn more.