“The most important thing I have learned as a business owner is to ask for help. You don’t need to have all the answers to every challenge. There are people who have been down this road before and can provide valuable insight to help you on your journey.”

In 2010, Amy Furman began her entrepreneurial journey when she started Momma’s Home LLC; a handcrafted, all-natural soap direct sales company. By 2015, with help from GROW, her company had transitioned into two separate businesses, Momma’s Home LLC and MH Labs LLC. MH Labs grew into a manufacturing company with multi-million-dollar sales by 2015.

Momma’s Home continued to sell all-natural skin products throughout the evolution of the business. “I passionately believe in luxurious, quality skincare at an affordable price. We like to think of our products as “food for your skin” as they provide lots of vitamins and essential fatty acids that your skin needs to stay healthy.” Each product is manufactured by MH Labs to keep control over quality. “We never use preservatives or artificial colorants. Each ingredient is chosen for a specific purpose.” That’s a strong belief of Amy’s and is part of the reason they work to ensure an explanation of why each ingredient is chosen for a specific product.

As her companies grew, Amy began hiring women who were just re-entering the workforce, providing them with flexible work schedules molded to fit their personal and family lives. Amy also offers unusual benefits for a company with mostly part-time employees. “We offer a 401K program and profit-sharing bonuses. These benefits are luxuries that women often give up to stay at home with their children.”

In August of last year, Amy decided to sell a major part of the client list for the manufacturing company. MH Labs is now “starting over” and pursuing companies of all sizes, especially those with smaller run sizes and in need of a lab/manufacturer/filling company for high end all-natural skin care products. With this change, Amy is able to bring her talents creating nationally award-winning skin care products for Momma’s Home, expanding the product line.


“GROW services were integral to my startup. Without GROW, my business would have been much more difficult to start. Without the services provided, I would have never known how to take advantage of opportunities that came along to change the business model to manufacturing, allowing us to grow far beyond what I thought possible. I originally connected with GROW after being recommended by friends who had just completed a business startup. I was struggling with setting up the business and they suggested I call to see what was offered. I took the Intro to GROW class, attended a few Lunch with Punch workshops, and received help with my business plan.”

“The most important thing I learned about myself is that I am capable of the leadership that is necessary to run a multi-million-dollar company. Running a business is far outside my initial “skill set” but I can determine what needs to be done, gather the necessary information, and make the decisions that are needed to be successful. It is amazing to see what opportunities come out of (a lot!) of hard work.”