5 Key Ways You Can Support Local Businesses

Use #SmallBusinessWeek


A big part of our mission is to empower and support women (and men) to start and build their business, provide them with resources to improve operations, finances and better market themselves. Since National Small Business Week is the first week of May, we’d like to share a few things that our community can do to support the small businesses throughout West Michigan.

Remember, local and small businesses are more than retail shops. They include restaurants, service providers like hair salons, marketing teams, gas stations, and so much more. We encourage you to support the local businesses in our area. In fact, here are 5 ways you can support them, and it’s not all connected to making a purchase.

Try one or more, and please, share this with others!

Give Them Stars. Good online reviews can impact other customers decisions to shop or visit. It can also help the business show up better in search engines. And, since consumers trust online reviews (88% of them) as much as personal reviews, your rating can go a long way.

Pay Cash. Small businesses often have minimums for a debit/credit card purchases because the credit card processing companies charge about 3% of each transaction and a per transaction fee just for the business to be able to accept cards.

Connect Socially. Liking their social media accounts is a great start. If you also take time to like their posts or share their posts, you can help them reach more potential customers. Maybe even Check in when you’re there or tag them in a post.

Try Something New. Take time to explore unique local shops, restaurants and venues to see how these businesses impact our community. Make it a monthly event to try something new, something local, and make it a fun day or evening out with friends.

Give Thanks. Small business owners face a lot of challenges when up against the “big guys.” This can include staffing, covering all their opening hours, overseeing the marketing, inventory, operations and so much more. Show them your appreciation for what they bring to the area by shopping there, and thank them for being there. They will certainly thank you for it, too!

Use Our Local Business Directory

If you haven’t explored our directory of local businesses, do that today. You can find many local businesses, many that are GROW clients or GROW supporters, too. You can search by category or name. View the local business directory here and support these businesses today.