3 Important Aspects of Marketing to the Hispanic Market


As Hispanic American communities continue to grow, becoming a serious group of consumers, influencers, and business owners, your business’ marketing efforts should both align with and reflect that. The Hispanic market is an important segment of your customer base and it’s important to understand how to reach them. Of course, there’s never a fool-proof way, but we’ve come up with a few things that might help you better approach marketing to the Hispanic communities near you.

Understand and Support Hispanic Culture

One of the biggest things to realize is unwavering ties to their Hispanic culture and heritage. Although the percentage of bilingual Hispanics is dropping with millennials and the younger generations, they still identify heavily with their Hispanic culture. Ensuring that you create content that reaches them with an emotional connection to their ethnicity is a great way to get them interested in your brand. Don’t count them out from “American” values and don’t shy away from their Hispanic heritage either. It’s important to be able to address both when looking at your marketing efforts.

Take note of the fact that those who identify as Hispanic-American often do not separate the two. For example, Diane Guerrero, an actress on Orange is The New Black said this: “Being a Latina and an American for me is all one. I’m a Latina all the time, and I’m an American all the time. There’s never a separation there.” It’s important to take note of that when addressing your marketing efforts, which leads us to the discussion on language…

The Importance of Recognizing Language Differences

It’s easy (and ill-founded) to assume that you can simply translate your marketing content to reach this customer base. Not only do you run the risk of incorrect translations, but you make an assumption that the majority of Hispanic Americans are bilingual. As the percentage of Hispanic Americans that speak more than one language continues to drop, especially when looking at second and third generation Hispanics, it makes sense to take a different approach to marketing efforts. If you are going to take that route, however, make sure you bring in an expert or someone who fluently speaks the language to assist with proper translations. If you don’t, you can demonstrate that you don’t fully understand or want to connect with them.

Also note, that not all Spanish communities speak the same version of the language. They too have different dialects and translations for different words.

Digital Media Is Relevant in All Cultures.

For the younger demographic, digital content and social media will continue play a significant role in the lives of Hispanic Americans as well. That is almost “universal” in a sense.

The most important thing with any social media channel, (or email, or blog post, etc.) is to know who you’re talking to. Take time to understand your target audience, appreciate the demographic, and make it a priority to learn how to communicate with them. It’s a complex market, and it is important to find out what speaks to the members of this segment of the population.

It’s important to note that Nielsen Mobile Insights found that the Hispanic population in the US are among the most avid smartphone users

Local Resources for Your Business

GROW is proud to have bilingual staff who can help answer some of your questions. In fact, we’ve begun to offer some classes in Spanish, like our QuickBooks for business classes. And will continue to work on translating course materials to better serve our local Hispanic and Latino communities here in West Michigan.

We’d also highly recommend connecting with the West Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for additional ways to connect with and network locally. There are several area media outlets and publications who can help you better reach our local communities.

Whether your small business challenges are focused on your marketing, business operations, finance or simply networking, we are here to help you with classes, workshops, networking, mentoring and more. Please contact us to see how we can help you. 

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