Entrepreneurial Insider, July Recap


GROW is all about helping women, and even men, start, advance, and sustain their businesses. Through trainings, microlending, coaching opportunities, and many more avenues, GROW is able to provide the members of our community with a space to learn and grow in business.

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Here are just a few stats for you that CEO Bonnie Nawara shared with Shelley Irwin on the most recent radio segment:

In 2016:

  • GROW served 900 clients
  • Helped 63 businesses open and generate revenue
  • Assisted in creating over 250 new jobs in the community

In this segment of Entrepreneurial Insider, Bonnie chatted with Shelley about GROW in a general sense, how GROW helps people who own or wish to start businesses, and about a few of the different types of services that GROW offers. 

Here are a few of our success stories you might not know about!

Deb Tacoma, who runs a business called Freedom Wand, created a personal health/cleaning aid out of necessity after breaking her back in a car accident. GROW was able to help her with a microloan and marketing, and even connected her to the Global Trade Center, helping send her to an international healthcare trade show in Dubai! This event served as a hugely significant breakthrough for Deb and her product. Read more about Deb Tacoma, here.

GROW also helped the founder of SheFit, Sara Moylan, in developing her product, where she later landed a contract with Shark Tank! It’s so exciting to know that these locally owned businesses are growing, expanding, and getting national exposure and assistance. If you know Sara, you know her passion for her product and her business. You can read Sara’s story here.

GROW also helped Victoria Upton launch Women’s Lifestyle Magazine. When Victoria first came to GROW around 15 years ago, she had a completely different business idea in mind. However, after becoming involved in the classes and workshops, the idea for Women’s Lifestyle was born. We’re thankful that she is a continued supporter of GROW, and women-owned businesses everywhere.

Microloans. GROW has Loaned over $1.5 Million into the Community

Did you know that GROW also offers microloans, which are funds that are available to help start, grow, and expand small businesses? These loans range from $1,000 to $50,000, and GROW is thrilled to have deployed $1.5 million into the community.

EmpowerHER – Changing Your Mindset

EmpowerHER launched last December. This is a yearlong mentor/mentee engagement. The organization matches business owners with a mentor who’s established and knows the challenges and obstacles of business ownership, and can show them the ropes. The client learns to work on their business and not in their business. As you’ll hear Bonnie explain, it’s about changing the mindset and looking at your business from a strategic viewpoint.

Meeting You Where You’re At In Your Journey

Bonnie and the staff at GROW want everyone who’s considering starting a business or needs help with their current business to come to GROW for help. We can meet you where you’re at. Wherever you are, we have the staff, volunteers, and other connections to assist you with your most pressing questions and challenges. We know every business is different, every skill set is different, and every need is different. We are here to help!!

For more information about the services we offer, read more success stories, or to simply get in contact with us, call us at 616-458-3404, or email us at info2@growbusiness.org.