What Can GROW Do for You?

Hear what others have to say about their experience with GROW:

“Thank you, Bonnie, for all you’ve done for me and all you do for the many other women and entrepreneurs in our community. We are blessed to have you. You [and the GROW team] have taught me so very much and I owe my success to you. Yes, GROW is the organization, but you are the driving force. Because of you, I have gotten lots of coverage and networking.”
Kathryn Snyder, Well Mannered Dog

“The seed was there, and GROW watered the plant.”
Feme Naigow, Apsara Spa

“Once I got connected with GROW, I noticed how women businesses really support other women’s businesses.”
Doretha Copeland, Amazing Grace

“Without the [GROW] microloan, I would not have been able to relocate my business. Revenue has increased dramatically.”
Mary Scheidel, Connie’s Cakes

“Since launching a few years ago, our growth has been exponential, and GROW has supported us at certain critical junctures. GROW was the first funding organization to recognize our potential and enthusiastically support us.”
Natalia M. Schotte, La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences

“GROW really helped me focus on what to pursue, and how to do the basics of business and marketing.”
Laura Parker, Three Strands Design

“GROW has completely given me the motivation to push forward when times got tough. GROW would be there for me, to help mentor and guide me.”
Judy Buitenhuis, Auto Renew LLC

“The classes are very affordable and worth the money to gain valuable insight as well as resources.”
Jahvel Washington, Jay’s Garage LLC