“Cultivating a business mindset is a challenge, but it can be achieved by remembering your mission.” -Monica Randles

Monica Randles and her husband Andrew created Nutcase Vegan Meats with their family in mind. They became vegetarians over seven years ago. When they realized they couldn’t find many healthy, organic, non-GMO vegan meat items that also tasted good for them and their teenagers, they began trying their own recipes.

Like many entrepreneurs, they didn’t begin with an intention to start their own business as they’re both busy physicians. They created products based on their own needs and lack in the market place. Still, with support and encouragement from family and friends, they decided to sell the products they had created.

Andrew’s family has experience in butcher shops, and he’s a great cook, which gives him the culinary skills in mixing different seasonings and combinations help them create the best possible product.

What is Nutcase Vegan Meats?

Nutcase Vegan Meats focuses on a minimalist product with no additives and is something they’re comfortable serving their own family. These are whole food “meat” products made from nuts, brown rice, quinoa and other items. All of which are created to be tasty, satisfying, and nutrient dense.

nutcase vegan meats

Their products include:

  • Vegan Chorizo
  • Vegan Hot Italian Sausage
  • Vegan Breakfast Sausage
  • Vegan Nutty Burger

You can find their products at several local markets as well as online at www.nutcasevegan.com


Connecting with GROW

Most recently, Monica participated with GROW in our April blogging workshop, and she and her husband have attended numerous other classes, including the Small Business Growth and Planning Series (GPS) marketing cluster. “The classes are so inspirational,” Monica says. “They made us feel like we could make our business more professional, and continue to build our brand.”

Monica says the classes that GROW offers have proven to be a great tool for Nutcase Vegan Meats. She first learned about the classes as a GRPS school board member and through others in the community. Her work with the school board has served her well in many ways. “One of the most important things I’ve learned through this experience started when I was campaigning for school board. You must put yourself out there, and even though you might not always like it, you have to advocate. The same is true for business.” She says that cultivating a business mindset is a challenge, but that it can be achieved by remembering your mission.

Family Business Challenges

Another challenge for Monica and her husband has been operating a business as a family. When you’re home and working together, “work talk” could take over nearly every conversation. “You have to set boundaries.” Although she says that part took some figuring out, once they found a good balance, they were able to succeed in setting those boundaries.

Advice for Other Entrepreneurs

When it comes to advice Monica shares with other entrepreneurs it’s simply to keep working. Working on what you love, working on your mission and working to make things happen. “And attend GROW classes! I met some people haven’t even started a business yet when they attend, and it’s a great way to push you forward and in that direction.”


To learn more about Nutcase Vegan Meats visit their website. And, to learn more about GROW classes and other entrepreneurial resources, simply contact us today or view our events calendar.