Celebrating 30 Years of GROWth


As part of our 30th Anniversary, we want to highlight and celebrate the clients we have served over the years. We have a lot more in store for our clients and supporters throughout 2019, too.

Most importantly, we want to share stories of our clients and board members. Sharing memories about involvement, experiences, and successes – even failures that might have led you to different successes you never even saw coming. Whether you were part of our MYOB program, other networking events are a more recent client, your story matters to us!

We plan to include these stories on our website, in our email newsletters, and in our social media posts. Some highlights will also be included in our Annual Report.

Will you share your story, your business and take some time to answer these questions below? You can save and continue at another time. And, if it’s easier, we do have a document you can download and complete on your own, then just email it back to us.

Download the questions here or complete the form below.

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